Vision & Mission

“We choose Elmatica due to the technical competence, flexibility, knowledge on Export Control and the fast and solid support of our PCB challenges” SAAB Surveillance.

We have secured our customers PCB supply chains since 1971 – providing us with an extraordinary knowledge of both PCBs, supply chain management, export compliance and the value of transparency and predictability for all involved in the thoroughly process of procuring PCBs.

This is why so many customers in industries with advanced requirements, regulations and demands choose us as their preferred supplier of printed circuits. We assist with advice on design, materials, manufacturing sourcing and standards. 

We also assist the industry in further developing the standards to make sure its tailored to the PCB demands and supply the industry need now, and in the future. 

We are proud to say that we secure our customers PCB supply chain for industry leaders with legal, ethical and technical excellence, and have done so for 50 years!

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