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Drone technology - what to think about when designing PCB for drones

Drone technology and popularity have literally reached the sky…
Josse explaining Thermal ManagementElmatica

Thermal Management Solutions for Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are the fundamental part of all…
Jarl Aas_ Jan Pedersen_ Josse Johnsen at Elmatica_anniversaries

3 anniversaries - 140 years of experience!

Last week three of our Senior Technical Advisors celebrated their long service at the company and the total of 140 years of experience!

Visit our stand and hear us speak at TEC Helsinki

Meet us at this years Evertiq EXPO Helsinki, April 19th.
John Steinar Johnsen

PCB Controlled Impedance - a crash course!

Do you feel a need for input, or refresh your knowledge around…