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Jan Pedersen at APEX talking about PCB StandardsElmatica

PCB specifications, APEX, standards and pure PCB enthusiasm!

PCB Specifications - why do they need to stay the same?
Jan Pedersen_Elmatica_Saab AuditorElmatica

SAAB Avionics has approved Elmaticas Jan Pedersen as Part 21 Subpart G auditor for PCB subcontractors

"An honor to be given til responsibility" says Pedersen.

A "Standard discussion" amongst some PCB legends

The current state of PCB standards - what you need to know.

Elmatica with three new IPC Specialists

Jan Pedersen made sure three members of Elmaticas Technical team were re-certified today.
Solving PCB Issues at EIPCElmatica

What does it take to solve technical PCB issues?

Talking at EIPC Summer Conference, sharing tips and knowledge.
Cracking nutsPixabay

Why a PCB-standard in the universe for Medical Device Applications is a hard nut to crack!

Medical Device Applications, the ones that you for sure will…

Digital Specifications for Automated Manufacturing - find the missing link!

Automation and connected “smart” factory is the new manufacturing…
Senior Technical Advisor at Elmatica talking about Bow & Twist ManagementElmatica

The solution to the UL challenge - is an industrial awareness what we need?

The solder limit subject has been a "hot potato" for a quite…
Jarl Aas_ Jan Pedersen_ Josse Johnsen at Elmatica_anniversaries

3 anniversaries - 140 years of experience!

Last week three of our Senior Technical Advisors celebrated their long service at the company and the total of 140 years of experience!

Important amendment for the Automotive Addendum IPC-6012DA - last days to comment

The Final Draft for Industry Review of IPC-6012DA with Amendment 1, is available for review and comment.