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Didrik_Bech at Cyber-Security-event-with_SOFFElmatica

Cyber Security can be the company weakest link if not treated seriously

"Level the playing field", Didrik Bech Elmatica
Mikael_Jansson_and_Jan_Persson_defence industry FFD2019Elmatica

Back to the future 2.0 - taking the defence industry back to basics

Sometimes going backwards is the best way to move forward!
Elmatica_Didrik_Bech_ and_Robert_Kurti at Cybersecurity seminarElmatica

Elmatica completes Cybersecurity training with US Experts in Washington DC

"Only one rule - better to be safe than sorry, “ says CEO Didrik Bech
FFI Breakfast meeting to secure info on Norway/US defense industryElmatica
CYBER RESILIENCE SUMMIT by CISQ on Cybersecurity.Elmatica

US DoD securing the supply chain with increased focus on Cybersecurity

US DoD with a new foundation for acquisition that cannot be traded…
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Do you know what is classified as Technical Data under ITAR § 120.10 and how it affects your defense article?

Do you know what is considered as Technical data under ITAR §121.10?
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Are your Technical data properly marked and do you know the consequences if not?

Do you know if your Technical data is subject to ITAR?
Didrik_Bech_Vidar_Olsen at ITAR training in US.Elmatica

When dealing with the US you need to know your ITAR

Elmatica attending ITAR training in the US
Compliance management with Lockheed Martin, Elmatica and Kongsberg, sharing compliance tips.Elmatica

A few compliance tips from our attendance at FAR/DFARS seminar

Elmatica talking FAR/DFARS compliance with Lockheed Martin and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace