This week we had the pleasure of attending the DSEI 2019 in London. As the leading broker of printed circuits in the defense industry – this event is one of the highlights of the year. A program packed with interesting and world-class speakers, first-hand look at the most recent developments, valuable opportunities for networking and not least, a chance to meet long trusted partners and customers.

The fair is setting the Scene for the Defence Innovation Priorities and the Defence Technology Framework. The defense industry is infusing and presenting new innovations like AI, drone-technology, 5G, and swarm autonomy technology. Technology presenting opportunities but also challenges, like the need to detect, track, identify and defeat rogue drones, as this technology continues to rapidly evolve. There is no doubt that new technology is transforming traditional defense characteristics and creating solutions designed to minimize unwanted effects.

DSEI provides access to relevant content & live-action demonstrations, defense innovation, sharing of knowledge, discover & experience the latest capabilities across the Aerospace, Land, Naval, Security & Joint domains.


Remembering 9/11
As the Secretary of Defence in the UK said in his opening keynote: “On this day, 18 years ago, terrorists hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, and flew them into the twin towers in New York. For many, it was the first awakening of the full horror of global terrorism”. We all remember that day, how it changed the world both unifying and separating. DSEI 2019 marked the day to remember with a graceful minute of silence.
We did for sure see a shift in defense prioritization after 9/11, an increase in defense production, a sector that is the second largest in the world – accounting for 19 percent of global export value over the past decade.

DSEI is an important showcase venue for defense companies where international
buyers, sellers, developers, thinkers, educators, and trainers can all get together, focus on the newest and next innovations while bringing it all together.

Cybersecurity capabilities – a complex dimension with increasing challenges
When the Secretary of defense shared his vision to: ”Return pride to the places in which things are made”, it warms the heart of an old actor in the defense industry. At Elmatica we continuously focus on and work with defense compliance and government agencies on a global scale and bringing security and transparency to the supply chain. One should know the country of origin and production history of every piece in your defense products – all the way to the heart of the product, the PCB. The industry is also these days specifically focusing on upgrading their cybersecurity capabilities and this is a complex dimension with increasing challenges.

Growth inbound for Europe’s armoured vehicle market
Over the next ten years, NATO countries are expected to invest more funds into the modernization of their armoured vehicle fleets. The Defence Insight forecast states that the key drivers are the fielding of advanced fourth and fifth-generation fighter jets, sophisticated unmanned aircraft and high-tech missile and ballistic technologies. We have recently seen the release of the new SAAB Gripen and the F-35 program and the trend is evident.

The Defence Insight Armoured Vehicles Market Report and Forecast 2019-2029’ suggests that growth in these segments will be most pronounced during the next six years, with European spending anticipated to reach a peak of $7.7 billion in 2025.

In a new forecast briefed on 11 September at DSEI Defence Insight predicted that the market for air defense and artillery systems over the next decade will be worth in the region of $160 billion globally. As Shepards Director of analysis explained there are in particular four sectors that will experience a significant growth: the three air defense segments and self-propelled artillery.

Guiding the actors through the jungle of compliance questionnaire, rules, and regulations
By 2029 Europe will have the second-largest armoured vehicles market in the world. We are already involved in exciting projects lead by several of the market leaders in Europe. As a trusted partner of printed circuits to the defense industry for more than three decades, we know the advantages of early involvement of an experienced partner supporting and guiding the actors through the jungle of compliance questionnaire, rules, and regulations.

We have also, as the forecasts predict, seen an increase in activity in the defense industry over the last four years. An increase that has made us first hand involved in defense compliance control, and the importance of this. This spring in Orlando USDA we attended and secured certificates for the Defence Federal Acquisition Supplement (DFARS) and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and secured certificates for International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) in California. We are also looking forward to traveling to Washington this autumn for Cybersecurity training and sharing of best practices. We will keep you updated.

Shephard Media,