I am soon turning 60 – well I have more than 10 month left for that, but during my 40+ years in the PCB industry I have discovered amongst other things one substantial challenge. Both myself and the PCB industry, have one big challenge that has followed me from the beginning, and still does: insufficient – or even totally wrong – Article Specifications.

When I receive manufacturing data from 10 customers, you can be sure we often get 10 different ways to present and explain whats wanted.
Tolerances are expressed differently. Fabrication Drawings are explained differently. Solder mask is called green mask or even green oil. Component notation is called legend, silk-screen, silk layer or something else.

I can live with a different word, but not a missing requirement!

Challenge the world
In Elmatica we have decided to challenge the world and make this issue better. We have started to create a standard PCB specification, or as our CTO likes to call it: a new language to share information. Me and our CTO Andreas Lydersen was interviewed by Pete Starkey in PCB007 this summer – you can read the story here.

We offer this new standard – or language – as an open source to the PCB industry – we don’t sell it – BUT we need you to participate. It is free of charge and will give all designers valuable input even if they don’t use the standard. I believe even the discussion we have inside the CircuitData forum, is valuable for any PCB designer.

If you want to know more or participate, check out the forum here.

And/or join the LinkedIn group.

Great minds think better together
When inside, you are free to add your own suggestions. You can be sure someone like me will comment, and hopefully we all end up with a good solution that can be added to the standard.
Please feel free to comment and discuss. Use your knowledge, experience and great minds to make this standard rule out the current challenges we all have, with multiple ways to describe the same thing.

Senior Technical Advisor at Elmatica, Jan Pedersen