Technical Consulting

Elmatica has a knowledgeable and specialized technical department. This will ensure that the design of your article is optimized according to your demand, standard and certificates.

At Elmatica we believe in sharing knowledge and our Senior Technical Advisors arrange customer specific seminars, that will provide you with the technical knowledge needed for developing your products. There is practically not a design we have not encountered nor a specification we have been able to amend and improve.

Our close cooperation with IPC, both as a member and chair, ensures that the best standards are implemented so that your practical challenges in production will be addressed.

  • Seminars
  • Technical Consulting
  • Customer Advocacy

We choose Elmatica due to the technical competence, flexibility, knowledge of export control and the fast and solid support of our PCB challenges

Rickard Aminoff
Strategic Sourcing Manager, Surveillance

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