Supplier management

Elmatica has developed routines, standards, and methodology for qualifying and approving manufacturers over the past four decades, our network can provide you with any technical capability.

During COVID and its disruption in the supply chain, caused by material shortages and prolonged lead times, has been avoided at a certain point by closely management of suppliers.

We continuously audit and monitor our manufacturers on a regular interval, often accompanied by our customers for training or knowledge sharing. Every manufacturer is different as they have a unique set of capabilities, machinery, material selection, and a strategy in regard to production volume.

We have the knowledge and experience to match these aspects with the requirement of the article and the demand from the product owner. This to ensure that the optimal manufacturer is chosen for the product. Our selection process and choice of manufacturer is open and available to all our customers, as we believe transparency is a key aspect in any relation.

  • Sourcing
  • Auditing
  • Qualification

Elmatica, a great partner for setting up the supply chain for optimizing our supply costs, in a spirit of joy and good humor.

Stephane Delhomme
General Manager

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