Procurement & Brokering

Procurement is the negotiation we provide in relation to the total cost of an article. Total cost is a combination of aspects such as capability, lead time, material, quality level, liability, financial terms, standards, and transportation.

To deliver on our promise to you, we administer manufacturer and article capability testing, continuously evaluate quality performance and cost analysis of our manufacturers. This rigid process is executed to select the manufacturer, best suited for your products and demand.

Elmatica offers two different options of procurement as they are based on the level of transparency you are willing to provide, namely Brokering and Matrix Pricing.

  • Capability Verification
  • Industry Compliance
  • Brokering

We are happy to congratulate Elmatica to the 50-year anniversary. Many thanks for all the focus and support you provided to us throughout the years. You are a key supplier to NOTE that helps us to be more relevant to the customers we target. The future looks bright with growing home markets and we can continue to collaborate in order to reach even greater business going forward.

David Krantz
Chief Procurement Officer

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