At Elmatica we care about standards. Not only to make sure the PCB we deliver are according to the right standard for that exact Printed Circuit, but also to help develop new and needed ones since technology forces us to think differently, and to revise the ones that already exist. Very soon the “Oscars” for IPC standards commences in San Diego, its time for the IPC APEX Expo 2018, and I am on my way for the second time.

Airplane - Elmatica to San Diego

This time I will blog about the experience, the news I hear, the “talk of the town”, meetings and developments in the different task groups and standards, and exciting people I meet.

Landing in Los Angeles, looking out of the window from the plane I understand how small Oslo is. LA is huge and after finally getting in the rental car,  it takes me more than 1 hour on the highway before I am out of LA!

But, the weather is good, I left an Oslo in tons of snow, and I am on my way to San Diego!

Last year I got prices for (being a very active rookie and for launching IPC-6012DA).

This year we are in the middle of developing two medical standards, working on the next revision of IPC-6012DA, and above all, we have got attention for CircuitData. I will present the first version, the first full grade version of CD!

Still, there is more: Already Sunday afternoon I will present to the Committee Chair Council a new term we call Micro PCB (expect a separate blog post on this soon). The same day another group will discuss my suggestion for Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) for PCBs (how long a PCB can be kept in the assembly shop floor before it needs baking). This issue is particularly interesting for materials with high moisture absorption.

Last but not least, Tuesday afternoon we shall start the D-33AA meeting with a cleanliness / Ionic contamination discussion with two invited guests. I am really looking forward to that discussion.

But, first things first – finally in San Diego after 3 hours drive, I park the car and find my way to the Airbnb apartment. No adventures today – an early bird in bed this night due to the 9 hours time difference!

“Talk” soon on the blog! :)

Senior Technical Advisor @ Elmatica Jan Pedersen