Elmatica delivers Flexprint, Flex-Rigid, HDI and Multilayer Flexprint in all technologies to customers in a various of industries like aerospace, space, defence, medical, automotive, automation and communication.

ELMATICA is a highly qualified technology center with deep knowledge in technical design and DFM problem solving, on flex and rigid flex printed circuits. We offer valuable technical advice, efficient design and cost-optimization.

Established in 1971, our long presence in the market gives us a solid experience to help you solve your challenges, and ensure the optimal printed circuit for you.

Ten reasons to choose ELMATICA as your supplier of Flex/Flex Rigid Printed Circuits.

  1. Flex/Flex Rigid print delivered from about 10 days, depending on complexity and volume.
  2. Short reply on price, delivery and technical consulting.
  3. Highly qualified technical, commercial, DFM advice and problem solving.
  4. Elmatica operates globally. Procuring from 4 continents, delivering to 5.
  5. Elmatica offers highly qualified experts, with dedication and expertise in PCB, ready to discuss your challenges.
  6. We will contribute with valuable input. Bring us into the process as soon as the idea is born.
  7. All our manufacturers are continuously audited and approved by Elmatica standards.
  8. ELMATICA work with close ties to IPC, we take an active part in developing new standards both as chair and member.
  9. We offer tailored seminars and workshops within designing, production and cost optimization of Flex and Flex Rigid PCB.  
  10. ELMATICA was established in 1971 and is the world´s most experienced broker of printed circuits. Delivering 22 million circuits a year.

Why chose Flexible Circuits?

There are multiple advantages by choosing flexible circuits.

Flexible circuits are all tailored to fit a certain demand, and designed thereafter. They also have extremely good thermal management, and can solve problems with packaging.

  • Lover the assembly costs
    Testing of circuits and elimination of connectors and solder joint prior to assembly, reduces the costs.
  • Solve weight and space issues
    Thin materials and less wires might reduce the weight.
  • Thermal management
    Flexible circuits are more resistant to heat than other circuits.
  • Solve packaging problems
    The flexibility of the circuit also enables a packaging size reduction, and eases the installation.
  • Increased design possibilities
    Designers experience an increase of design possibilities when using flexible circuits.
  • Dynamic Flexible
    The thin materials opens up for multiple possibilities for flexible applications.

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