Andreas Lydersen_Elmatica_Compliance

We just spent two days together with a bunch of compliance specialists at the C5 Trade Compliance Nordics conference. Let’s start with the conclusion: Compliance is already complicated and growing more so by every minute. In a market that steadily grows and where digitalisation influences every part in an exponential manner, we need to start looking at alternative ways of communicating with one another.

Even though we are a profitable business and plan to stay that way, it feels really good to give something away for free. Finding ways out of the current jungle of PDFs and references to other PDFs while staying compliant, should be a common goal for all businesses.

We have made a choice to lead on in that enterprise by doing a ton of work, and giving it away for free – open source.

In short, the project we have started and will continue to work on is a machine-to-machine readable format for the exchange of printed circuit board fabrication data. It has elements that also can be used in other businesses, but we will leave that part to others.

You can read more about the two projects on these links, and contact us if you want to join us. We know it will be a great asset for all of us, even our competitors. Anyway, you’ll hear more about this later on.

I presented the project during my speech at the Trade Compliance Nordic Conference. My major point was: “When it comes to compliance – making things easy is complicated. But making this complicated is real easy.”

Basically meaning, we all need to stop adding more resources on interpreting each other PDFs and get back to the real part of the business – actual doing business.

Giving a speech like that, at a conference partial created for the employees I believe complicates the business, was a bit of a gamble. Honesty is tough, but necessary to move forward. Most people would agree that it makes sense to stop doing the tedious, repeating tasks and get time to do the interesting work. I am sure you didn’t educate yourself to become a robot. And as you can see in the press these days, robots are getting really good at doing the robot thing ;-)

We are on a quest to make a difference. We are changing the way businesses do business. And we want you to be part.
Please join us!

Andreas Lydersen, CTO of Elmatica