Meeting up with the major defense players

The opening of AUSA was just as one can expect when you gather the major defense actors in one venue. Buzzy, international and a lot of interesting discussions. One can clearly identify that this is the venue where the basis for strategic cooperation and development is laid. It is evident based on the product presented that the focus on drones and integrating them with the tactical capabilities of the individual soldier to complete vehicle systems is a key area to ensure awareness and mobility.


Another area with continuous development is the unmanned vehicles in all sizes, forms, functions, and capabilities constructed to support the troops in the field. These unmanned vehicles will reduce the dependency on the individual soldier and provide live and continuous monitoring to increase safety.


As Norwegians most, we enjoy a long walk, however, after several miles, there was room for a break and sitting down for some proper American lunch.

The major actors in the defense industry aredas normal present and their stands are as normal impressive and comprehensive, demonstrating and showing new developments and features. Looking forward to visiting several of the other major actors in the days to come.

Elmatica_at_Flir_stand_AUSASAAB at AUSA2019

After a long and engaging first day at the AUSA, we had the honor of attending the cocktail party at the American Defense International and meeting chairman Van Hipp and all his guests, partners and other defense actors. As the day came to an end we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Washington and the White House by night


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