Cyber security

Do you have adequate control of Cyber Security in your supply chain and for data classification?

The amount of cyber attacks are steadily increasing with more and more severe consequences. Defence regulations are now in the forefront for pushing the requirement for cyber hygiene.

Some might consider their supply chain or products as not affected by cyber security regulations:

“We are not involved with IT, so it doesn’t apply for us” – a very fearful mindset.

Considering how much data is needed to produce, a printed circuit, focusing on data protection, access and storage is a pure necessity in our times.

Having control over who can access your data, and what they can access is a basic step towards better data control. Too many files are sent back and forth in production or procurement processes, increasing the likelihood of a cyber security breach.

Information is flown down through many steps and involved parties in a product development process. However, many companies still don’t focus on encrypted communication. How can your subcontractors protect your data then? 

We treat Cyber Security with the highest importance. That is also why our CEO is Vice Chair in the Task Group concerning the topic in IPC, and why so many customers in the industry that sets the strictest requirements for good cyber hygiene, the defence industry, trust us with their articles. 

With us your data is secured!

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