Elmatica – ESA and ECCS approved partner for space PCBs

PCBs for Space might not be Rocket Science. However knowledge of the specific demands for ESA approved PCBs, reliability of materials and technologies offer a huge advantage. We have “been” to space for years.


When designing PCBs for the space industry, one has to remember that touch ups and repairs are impossible after “launch”, making reliability both in the design and production process even more vital. 

How you might wonder? By involving experts to highlight and take into account a lot of variables which may occur, and affect the module/satellite. Taking radiation, temperature, vibration or outgassing, into consideration when choosing materials and also which technology to use, might be the difference between failure and success. i

ESA approved PCBs require another level of process an involvement due to certain specific demands for Space products under ESA approval. 

Our ESA and ECCS approved manufacturers will together with our Senior Technical Advisors offer knowledge around the demands and process flow. Analysing all parameters, finding the biggest threats and then design the PCB in a way so it will be resistant for most of them. Creating predictability and the most suitable PCB design for our customers.

“Our strategy is to ameliorate our strengths, focus on what we do best and involve experts for special input, like Elmatica with their expertise on the PCB level”

Tomasz Poźniak Chief Development OfficerSatRevolution.

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The story of Riverdi is tightly connected with the one of Elmatica; they have been supplying our PCBs from the very beginning of our operation and the relationship has been growing stronger with every year. Elmatica pride themselves as putting the customer first and as we have been at the receiving end of this partnership for many years now, we can definitely confirm this to be true.

Martha Marciowicz

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