Elmatica – an experienced partner in the medical industry

Elmatica is involved not only with printed circuits and technical advice. We offer seminars concerning this important industry, and create new standards.


Elmatica has for decades developed printed circuit boards for medical devices, consistently ensuring that every board meets the highest quality standards for the medical community.

We also participate in creating the new IPC and iNEMI medical device standard to help the industry further improve the precision level.

Pushing the standards to the next level
Three years ago Elmatica also initiated a task group for Medical Device Applications. IPC accepted the challenge and founded IPC-6012 and 6013 Medical Addendum with our Senior Technical Advisor Jan Pedersen as Chair.

– IPC appreciates the support from Elmatica in the pursuit of a future addendum to IPC-6012D addressing performance criteria for printed boards in the medical device industry, says John Perry, Director Printed Board Standards & Technology at IPC.

Scale in technology and size
Medical Applications scale in variety when it comes to size and technology. Advanced, large x-ray machines, robotic arms, and microscopic hearing devices or sensors, and applications for both the exterior and the interior of the human body. The need for miniaturization on the PCBs for medical device applications is quite usual since they need to fit into small devices. This is also why the medical device industry often requires high-density interconnect PCBs or HDI PCBs.

Your article according to your demand, standard and certificates
Precision is the core when Elmatica develops PCB for the medical device industry, we have a knowledgeable and specialized technical department. They will ensure that the design of your article is optimized according to your demand, standard and certificates. 

We have developed routines, standards, and methodology for qualifying and approving manufacturers over the past four decades, our network can provide you with any technical capability needed.

Why Elmatica as a partner for medical device printed circuits?
One of our values is transparency, this is why we offer complete transparency regarding all aspects of our process which is vital for this industry and highly appreciated by our customers.

Elmatica will always provide unprecedented service and flexibility for any medical device printed circuits.

We have since 1971 experienced, that in every Product Development Process, there are several critical phases. We know that early involvement with all participants will save time and money. Use our knowledge and experience to make your Medical Product Development Process run as smooth as possible.

Medical Chair Jan Pedersen about developing the medical device IPC standard.

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Our company has been working with Elmatica for 6 years now. Elmatica is our privileged subcontractor in the field of PCBs. Our needs are very varied with quantities of prototype or medium series, very simple PCBs and others very complex, in all cases Elmatica manages to comply with our requirements. I warmly recommend working with them: from the quotation, to receiving the PCBs, everything is under control!

Julien Magnin
R&D Manager

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