Internal workshop at Elmatica, working towards digitalization. .

Elmatica – working our way to full digitalization

At Elmatica we prioritize IT. Improving our systems to simplify the internal and external flow when procuring a PCB, is always on top of the agenda. We cheer on digitalization.
This week several departments met for a three-day workshop, to discuss, test, and make sure all the information for the new system is aligned. The goal: a system that contributes to a more and more digital production line, increase the efficiency and allows focus on other tasks, which again results in a higher value for the company and our customers.

Save time interpreting
Today’s situation, with a mix of digital specifications, drawings, pdfs and manually added information, constantly interpreted by all involved parties in the supply chain, has created a time consuming and expensive situation. To much time is spent interpreting the data, sending information back and forward.

The new system will allow us to move away from the manual, resource-demanding processes, to a world where all your printed circuit specifications can be exchanged within the supply chain, without the challenges of translations, understandings, and clarifications.

Read more about our thoughts around digitalization.


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