Information about current situation in China regarding Coronavirus

4th of March
Release of Q&A about the whole situation and how we handle it.

25th of February
Eleven of our Chinese partners have at the moment returned rates over 50% and we are in daily communication with them to prioritize orders. We are also in progress with order confirmation. However, please understand that due to the long shutdown and delays, a prolonged lead time is expected during this period. 

18th of February
Eight of our Chinese partners have returned rates over 50% and we have started to confirm your orders which are being produced there. As for some other Chinese partners who are still not in the operative capacity, we are keeping in contact with them and orders placed there shall not be confirmed until further information.

If you have critical orders, we have partners outside China who may support, please speak to your respective Country Managers for more details.
Due to limited workforce, cross cities travel restriction and reduced frequency of trains from China to Europe, rail shipment for the month of February and March are suspended. Customers with rail shipment shall be advised to switch to Airfreight departing from Hong Kong.
Factories in WuHan and the Hubei region remain closed.

Monday 10th of February
Short update on the Coronavirus situation:
The factories are now reopened, however due to the virus, their capacity is between 20-50%. This is caused by the fact that people that have been travelling to WuHan or the Hubei province will be quarantined for another 14 days, roads between cities are still partly closed, this naturally affects the production capacity.

Factories need to carry out equipment maintenance during the first few days after a long shutdown.
We need to expect delays the next few weeks to come, as the situation with workforce stabilises. We follow the situation closely, if/when we have more updated information we will share it here.
Do you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your local Elmatica contact.

Thursday 3oth of January
The Central Government of China initially extended the Chinese New Year holidays with 3 days. However, the Local Governments have been given the ability to extend. Meaning, that most factories in Southern China are to remain closed until the 9th of February.

The Coronavirus has invoked Force Majeure and temporarily reduced production capacity in China. Due to uncertainty regarding how the situation will develop, we strongly recommend those of our customers who need to secure their orders, to consider temporarily moving part of their production to Europe, or other non-China alternatives.

We have alternative PCB Manufacturing Partners outside China who can support you, if you have an order of particular critical importance.
Kindly contact your Country Manager handling your account for more information.

Wednesday 29th of January
Dear Customer,
The Coronavirus situation in China is a Force Majeure circumstance in regard to orders produced by our Chinese partners, delays are to be expected and we are closely monitoring the situation. We will provide updates on the order delivery status as soon as new information is available.
Due to the situation and to secure people’s health, the Chinese Government has decided to extend the Chinese New Year holiday by 3 more days.
Elmatica is in daily contact with our manufacturing and logistics partners to monitor the situation and we are following government guidelines.

We have alternative PCB Manufacturing Partners outside China who can support you, if you have an order of particular critical importance. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and do consider placing your orders as soon as possible, to meet your coming PCB demand.
We will continuously update our webpage with the latest information.
Thank you for understanding, 
we make ourselves available to support you.

Link to Updates from WHO and CDC on the situation:

Thank you very much for your kind attention and support!



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