The amount of cyber attacks are steadily increasing with more and more severe consequences. Defence regulations are now in the forefront for pushing the requirement for cyber hygiene.

This has led to an increased focus in the defence industry to learn more about Cyber Security and Export Control. 

With a strong desire to reshore manufacturing capacity to improve supply chain security, not least in light of last years’ unprecedented global situation, governments and corporations have recognized the importance of protecting their local and independent manufacturing base to secure their future demands.

With increasing globalisation, efficient export controls are only possible on the basis of an intensified international and European co-operation.>As an early adapter to compliance regulations, Elmatica already supports several of the market leaders creating security in their supply chain, advising in export control, maintaining security and compliance excellence.

We have taken an active role in educating around the topic and enrolled in numerous international compliance and export control groups. All with the purpose to secure the PCB supply chains for industrial leaders within the affected industries in regards to export control regulations and licensing policies.

How can we assist?

A company is obliged to follow the export controls and regulations of their respective country, membership unions like EU, NATO and the export compliance demands from their foreign customers. 

As your trusted PCB supplier, Elmatica is committed to a policy of compliance with export controls and regulations. We have routines to handle, secure and store your data, according to the classification code ML22a, on the COMMON MILITARY LIST OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. 

The foreign trade with commodities of strategic importance, mainly weapons, armaments and dual-use items, is subject to control. Dual-use items are goods, software and technology that may be used for civil and military purposes. 

Within the framework of its legal and international commitments, the export control policy of all  governments is oriented to the security needs and foreign political interests.

What is Export Control?

Export Control are the laws and regulations applied globally, regionally and by countries to manage the export of controlled items and items falling under the dual-use paragraph.

If you’re sending goods to another country, you need to check your local export regulations. 

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