Jared Cohen at IPC APEX Expo

IPC celebrities and high temperature in task group discussions!

It’s raining! What? San Diego without a clear blue sky and warming sun? 

Still, rain or no rain – the Expo is waiting, and what an amazing day it turned out to be!

I kick-started the day with energy from the main Keynote speech by Jared Cohen talking about the big technology disruptions.  Jared gave a very engaging speech focusing on how the digital revolution is a game changer.

The most valuable man-made resource
Telling us how we are all different versions of ourselves, depending on which platform we communicate on. (I wonder which version I am when I blog?). 

And, how easy it is to start movements by creating Facebook groups, but so few real leaders give these movements real power. In his opinion, data is the most valuable man-made resource: “Its cheap and have no country”.

It was for sure a very exciting keynote. I enjoyed every minute of it. Fresh, new thinking and enthusiastic. After this, I met up with my IPC liaison. I was invited to join a discussion on Wednesday on solder mask parameters, related to solder mask color. Some people have claimed all colors have the same processing parameters, and therefore could use the same design rules. He knew I had some knowledge on this and wanted me into the discussion. Great, nothing like a good discussion with engaged people.

I later had a talk with Sven Kramer (not the Dutch skater) from Lackwerke Peters that confirmed my statement regarding solder mask color.

Micro PCB – it might be small, but still approved!
As mentioned yesterday, my proposal for PCB MSL levels was taken into consideration and will be part of the revised version of IPC-1601. I also got a confirmation that my suggestion to use the term Micro PCB have been approved to be further evaluated, and developed into both design and performance standards.

My main activity today was the 6012D Automotive Addendum meeting. And, what a meeting it was!

Celebrity-packed Automotive meeting
We had some IPC celebrities with us. Amongst them, the most active in the discussion were Bob Nevis from Microtek Labs, board member of IPC, Joe Rosseau, one of IPC leasing experts on Ionic Contamination, Graham Nesbitt, Gen3, an Ionic Contamination Expert that have published a report together with Bosch on this topic, Jim McLeish from DFR Solutions, Todd MacFadden from BOSE, Mark Northrup from IEC Electronics, Emma Hudson from UL, Chris Mahanna, Robisan Laboratory, Ernst Eggelaar and Michael Schönning participating online,  amongst others.

When the discussions gears up – so does the temperature
We started the discussion with a presentation by Joe Rosseau that really geared up the discussion on IC, ROSE and SIR test methods. I cannot say we came to a consensus, but both Joe and Bob promised to write down and submit their suggestions.

Our conclusion was to implement a guide rather than a specific requirement for process qualification and to specify new parameters for the ROSE test to give a better process control test.

This topic is discussed in several task groups, but it looks like our group is the most open for new methods and test procedures of existing methods.

In the evening I joined the European dinner hosted by IPC and had a good discussion with Mr. Albeirux from IFTEC. We agreed to evaluate an Automatic PCB seminar or conference in France.

Back in my apartment, I am full of impressions and just hope I will remember half of the agreements and promises that were given during the day. :)

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