Year of the dog

2018 - year of the dog - we are ready for you!

Last week we had the 5th day of Chinese New Year in 2018. This…

San Diego and IPC APEX - here we come

At Elmatica we care about standards. Not only to make sure the…
Josse @Elmatica

Welcome to Josses Corner!

Impedance Design of Rigid-Flex PCBMeet Josse, one of our…
Elephant_ in_the_room

The elephant in the room

Its March, spring is coming. Chinese New Year is behind us and…

Thanks for now MDM Stuttgart

Elmatica is a trusted partner in the medical industry, thus,…
Jan Pedersen at APEX

Breakfast with a “giant”, new mentor, inspirational discussion and a successful task force - APEX in a glimpse

What was the “talk of town” during this years APEX? We sent…
Didrik Bech _Elmatica_CEO_Copper_Lead_time
Andreas Lydersen at Elmatica

IPC 2581 - when a standard is not enough

Standards are close to my heart. They level the playing field…
Call to the PCB business

A call to the Printed Circuit Boards Business

After spending the last five years, in what for me was an unknown…
PCB glossary


The printed circuit board industry is full of specific terminology…