Learning more about FAR regulations - reporting from US!

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Drone technology - what to think about when designing PCB for drones

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Cracking nutsPixabay

Why a PCB-standard in the universe for Medical Device Applications is a hard nut to crack!

Medical Device Applications, the ones that you for sure will…

Digital Specifications for Automated Manufacturing - find the missing link!

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Senior Technical Advisor at Elmatica

The solution to the UL challenge - is an industrial awareness what we need?

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Thermal Management Solutions for Printed Circuit Boards

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Internal workshop at Elmatica, working towards digitalization. .

Elmatica - working our way to full digitalization

At Elmatica we prioritize IT. Improving our systems to simplify the…
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Summer greetings from Josses Corner - sun, wool, camelids and PCB!

The Princess of Andes What does wool from the camelid animal…

8 things to consider when planning a Flex or Rigid-Flex board

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APEX Expo 2018

Press-fit, selfies and black solder mask!

  Wednesday started like a San Diego day should,…