Cracking nutsPixabay

Why a PCB-standard in the universe for Medical Device Applications is a hard nut to crack!

Medical Device Applications, the ones that you for sure will…

Digital Specifications for Automated Manufacturing - find the missing link!

Automation and connected “smart” factory is the new manufacturing…
Senior Technical Advisor at Elmatica

The solution to the UL challenge - is an industrial awareness what we need?

The solder limit subject has been a "hot potato" for a quite…
Josse explaining Thermal ManagementElmatica

Thermal Management Solutions for Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are the fundamental part of all…
Internal workshop at Elmatica, working towards digitalization. .

Elmatica - working our way to full digitalization

At Elmatica we prioritize IT. Improving our systems to simplify the…
Vicuna, wool and PCB

Summer greetings from Josses Corner - sun, wool, camelids and PCB!

The Princess of Andes What does wool from the camelid animal…

8 things to consider when planning a Flex or Rigid-Flex board

Every day you can read about the Internet of Things (IoT), API,…
APEX Expo 2018

Press-fit, selfies and black solder mask!

    Wednesday started like a San Diego day should,…
Jared Cohen at IPC APEX Expo

IPC celebrities and high temperature in task group discussions!

It's raining! What? San Diego without a clear blue sky and warming…
Jan Pedersen interviewed by Happy Holden and Andy Shaughnessy.

CircuitData on the map, Happy Holden and Andy Shaughnessy!

Another sunny day in San Diego! On my way to the Convention…