Elmatica at Hong Yuen

The key to success

Sharing knowledge and communicating

Elmatica used parts of December to complete another round of full process-audits in China, three days per audit, an important routine towards our manufacturers. 

Not just a pleasant break from the office-space, or a cultural experience when two different cultures meet. Mostly it is a confirmation of what good communication and transparency can achieve. 

Visiting manufacturers as Hong Yuen, gives Elmatica the opportunity to discuss the technology progress and requirements in the industry, seen both from manufacturer side and from customer side. By sharing knowledge, we strengthen the supply chain and helps our customers complete their purchasing process.  

Since the founding of Elmatica in 1971, a lot has changed in the business of PCB, in regard of how we work together as partners. The value of communication is even more important, and gives everyone involved predictability. The routines have changed, we work closer, communicate more directly, bring input, and have routines and structure if obstacles occur.  

That is why a predictable relationship with all our manufacturers is so important. We are all a piece of the puzzle, where the goal is, to deliver quality products to our customers.

We at Elmatica value good communication, as it is the basis for transparency. If we do not communicate, no goals are set, and no goals are reached. We believe this is one key to success. Our values: transparency, integrity and predictability are the core to our business. This is, because we know our customers want to see what they get, from whom they get it, and when they get it. 

No doubt the PCB industry has developed a lot the last years, the technology is moving fast, the demand for advanced technology is increasing, thus the demand for advanced PCBs increases as well. 

We at Elmatica know, that advanced technology requires a high level of knowledge and flawless communication.

Several factors can influence the result of the final printed circuit, both internal and external, but we are quite certain, that with transparent communication with our manufacturers, we are one step ahead, any possible obstacles.


Team-Elmatica, this time represented by Vidar Olsen, Raymond Goh, Sophie Zhou and Jan Pedersen, visited Hong Yuen and other manufacturers this December.

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