Language for data

A new “language”, not a new format

Just to get the facts straight regarding our new “language” for PCB fabrication data.

I think it is important to point out that this is not a new format, it is a new language to describe printed circuit board fabrication data. We, at Elmatica are a big fan of 2581, and genuinely appreciate all the effort put into it. But for the vast majority of people out there, that uses Gerber or ODB++, we need to have common language. This is what we are currently working on. The data will have xml or JSON output and could easily be implemented into your system. It is not an alternative to ODB++, Gerber or IPC-2581 but can be a valuable integrated part of these files, and it’s all based on IPC T-50 terminology.

Open sourced effort
Development and maintenance of the language will be by an international, independent task group: Circuit Data, and as an open sourced effort. The group, which we will contribute to, will be committed to continuously work on the new language for PCB fabrication data to keep it updated and relevant to new and existing technology.

If you take an example as Legend there are multiple ways to describe this. Some say “legend”, “silk screen”, “silkscreen”, “ink” or “ident”. It’s not rocket science to understand that interpreting this takes up too much time in the supply chain.

Time and money saved
Also, please remember that most of the communication in the supply chain is about quoting. With this language in place, the files, be that 2581, ODB++ or Gerbers, would not be needed to give pricing and lead-time information. That means a lot of time and money saved in the process, and a massive move away from exchanging classified information.

Who would not vote for that? We know that we would, would you?
If so, join the group:

CTO at Elmatica, Andreas Lydersen

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