Josses Corner: What to think about when planning a PCB – signal integrity/controlled impedance

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CMMC – are you up to date on the new regulations?

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Senior Technical Advisor at Elmatica talking about Bow & Twist Management

Bow & Twist management

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First of all congratulations on anniversary it is exiting how things develop and amazing to stay in highest technology market for such a long time. Elmatica delights us by being unique in the industry with ability to provide truly complicated products with no worries for us, which allows us to concentrate on our production only with no worries about PCB’s.

Modestas Genys
Sourcing Director
Kitron ASA

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We secure the PCB supply chain for industry leaders committed to legal, ethical and technical excellence

Elmatica was founded in 1971 and is the oldest broker of Printed Circuits in the world. We provide our partners with transparency to the transaction by securing accountability between the parties.

We are not only experienced, but highly qualified

Elmatica is a partner in the entire purchasing process from consulting, design, material selection, manufacturing selection, production monitoring, logistics and claims handling.